Jan 14, 2018

Tom Knoll: A Bridge Between Hearts



Tom Knoll

By: Max Craig

Tom Knoll was recently featured performing vocals with guitar and harmonica. With a smile as warm as coming home, Tom hopes to share the love.

Tom’s journey as a musician began at age 11. Tom started on drums, joining his school’s marching band in addition to lessons and various side projects. At age 15 Tom branched out to learn guitar, which would soon become his primary focus. At age 17 he played guitar in a duet and decided to take on singing. Tom would go on to play various local coffeehouses and events, once entertaining a crowd of 300.

Like most his age, Tom graduated high school and faced some soul-searching. Tom prioritized his education and studied architecture, returning to music after graduation.

For Tom Knoll, music is a coping mechanism. Music is a floodgate to release feelings which are otherwise restrained. Tom believes the ultimate goal of music is to share smiles. A pebble is thrown into the water causing an action and reaction where the ripples created will ultimately settle to peace. In this way, Tom is the pebble, a force which creates a reaction. Tom loves music for the individual connections, to bridge the social gap and make the world a little more familiar.

Tom’s biggest musical inspirations are Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Tasha Sultana. Recently Tom Knoll has been experimenting with looping tracks, much like Ed Sheeran.