Jan 7, 2018

The Cellist in the Stars





Warmth, spirit, soul. The cello is the instrument of power. Capable of adding tremendous energy to any piece, yet able to create an ambiance of sunsets and daydreams, a cellist can create captivating, mesmerizing music. Mariko accomplishes this and more, composing energetic, emotional pieces in unique, versatile ways.

Mariko began playing the violin and piano at the age of four, moving on to the cello at eight. After being accepted into one of Japan's top music universities, Tokyo Geijyutsu University, Mariko began participating in school musicals and classical concerts. While in college, she formed the group "VanillaMood" and performed in NHK's national TV show, playing new songs daily. After college, Mariko's career took off, creating successful CD/DVDs, releasing an original solo album, touring with the American rock band STARSET, performing for Madonna at the 2016 Billboard Awards, and even becoming the first Japanese solo musician ever to perform on Cirque du Soleil.

Mariko's accomplishments are immense for her young age, but what's unique about her music is her style. Influenced by Japanese culture and world trends, her sound follows that of Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys. Mariko uses her cello as a rhythmic and melodic instrument, composing energetic pieces using different octaves and loops. Combining this with percussion and other orchestral instruments, Mariko's compositions are enveloping and stark. Often times, Mariko combines these pieces with visuals of nature and emotion creating cinematic works that draw the listener in even more. Her versatility as a composer is showcased in almost every piece, swapping between time signatures and tempos with every release. Through visuals and compositions, Mariko has created a name for herself and developed a style all her own.

Mariko currently resides in Los Angeles and Japan. She performs in Cirque du Soleil daily and is a part of the composition duo Fire Drop. Her website can be found at https://www.marikocello.com and her instagram @markio_cello is filled with new music and updates. Mariko can only continue going up, and we're very excited to see where she lands.

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