Jan 6, 2018

From New Zealand with Love



Dan Millward

by: Max Craig

Music is the language of the soul, an honest expression of emotions where words may fail. Dan Millward has a voice which will scale the listener’s walls and enter the heart with a warm embrace. From New Zealand, living in San Diego, and going places, we proudly present Dan Millward.

Dan’s newest single “Runs Deeper” features piano by Andrew and Rachel Faleatua. “Runs Deeper” is about a perceived tendency of society to only look at the surface. In modern society, individuals are so often reduced to attributes--appearances, popularity, skills. Celebrities are idolized in the most literal sense of the word. Superstar status can be isolating, however. Objectification of an individual, for better or worse, strips them of their humanity and reduces them to a base characteristic. Pop stars are often criticized for simplistic, infantile lyrics but perhaps there is an elegance to the brevity of pop music. For such simple lyrics to convey meaningful emotions is a work of art all its own. From pop to indie to blues you’ll find different squares of the same quilt: songs about loss, love, good times and bad, all common traits of human experience which manifest themselves in a myriad of ways. Everyone is complex beyond anyone’s understanding, to stop at the surface of one’s individuality is limiting. “Runs Deeper” argues the world as a pool in which we swim, a pool with no shallow end. Staying above water is the objective, but many are quick to forget the efforts of treading water, instead suggesting the ground must be close. Dan Millward wants us to respect the depth of life, honoring all the backstage work which creates the play.

I also recommend Dan Millward’s debut single “Bones” which released August 3rd, 2017. There’s a delicate beauty to the simple guitar and mellow vocals. Mixed and mastered by Andrew Faleatua, “Bones” is the perfect song for your next melancholy and introspective rainy drive.

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