Jan 6, 2018

Chilling in the Clouds




By: Peter Budd

        Whether it be his light touch on guitar or his flow on the keyboard, Derek VanScoten of Cloudchord does it all.  Derek is an American music producer, multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician based in Austin Texas.  Derek started his music career back in early 2009 under the alias D.V.S* performing with various others such as Emancipator and Talib Kweli.  He released several solo albums from 2009 to 2013.  Hit the Clouds Running was released in April 2013 on Gravitas Recordings and was said to be "quite possibly one of the best releases [of 2013]" by DubEra.  A bold statement, I know.
        Since the release of his albums, he has switched his name to Cloudchord and continues to give us a great sound.  His music is centered around a genre known as chillhop which I had never really heard of before listening to Derek.  Chillhop consists of two main genres: hip hop and jazz.  It takes a combination of electronic music, jazz elements, and hip-hop beats and generates a relaxing and ambient vibe that one could "chill" to. 
        When we listen to music, we typically associate it with one sense; hearing.  When I listen to Cloudchord on  soundcloud, I not only hear, but I visualize and feel as well.  The music is soothing and passionate.  Listening is almost like being on vacation without actually being on vacation.  While listening to his debut album "Imprint", I became lost with images of a tropical sunset dancing through my mind. 
        Imagine this; sitting on a beach with palm trees lining the back of the sand.  The sun is out and shining bright, yet the weather is perfect.  A cool breeze occasionally clashes against the back of your neck while you enjoy a cold drink of choice.  The tide is out and you can hear the waves rolling in against the rocks.  Birds chirp around you and life is good.  Listening to Cloudchord reminds me of moments like these; stress free and pure ecstasy.
        So put on your shades and enjoy life in the tropics in the comfort of your own home.  Check out Cloudchord and try not to get lost in the ambience....or do, entirely up to you.