Jan 11, 2018

Raising the BAR



Bar Markovich

The exquisite sound of the violin mixed with astonishing views.  Bar Markovich takes all of us on an adventure with his music.  Whether it be his crazy violin adventure, a classic by J.S.Bach or the Beatles, Bar stuns us with his delicate touch. 
Bar was born in Israel in 1991 and began studying violin at age 6.  Currently, he is studying at the Royal College of Music in London.  He is an award-winning cross-genre violinist and his latest solo work has led to many successes which included performances for the BBC amongst other well-known broadcasters.
He has one aspiring goal; to become a world breaking violinist and to bring something new and different to the table.  This is a goal that many have, but few achieve and so far, we are impressed by what the man has done.  He's played in crazy places and taken us with him on his journey with breathtaking backdrops of luscious green mountains and snowy sunsets.  Playing not only for us, but also for the rest of the world and it's inhabitants, such as this monkey at the great rock of Gibraltar. 
Bar has flown us to the moon and back with improvisations of famous tracks such as the Frank Sinatra classic of a similar name.  He has stunned us with medleys not only in concert, but on the streets of London as well.  Bar Markovich truly is an adventurous violinist and I can't wait to see where he takes us next.