Nov 22, 2017

A Gem From The OC Hit Factory



Cloi Crider

A red strapped dress, large framed glasses reminiscent of the 70’s, and a strategically placed OC-Hit Factory sign peering out from behind her. Needless to say, this artist’s brand image was captivating upon first impression. After all, as I always say, in an age when everyone and their third cousin is making music, it is now more important than ever for artists to brand themselves. Effective branding results in the conversation from impressions to views on most major social media platforms. So, she successfully garnered my attention, now of course the question was does she have the talent to match her superstar appearance.

She delivered the opening words to the popular hit from Corinne Bailey Rae, “Put Your Records” with a feathery finish trembling expertly at the border between head and chest voice. However, this artist not only displayed the ability to control her voice, but flaunted her signature style on the cover. Whereas, Rae applies a pillow soft finish to cut off her notes Cloi handles them with jazz-like diction. This cross between soul and jazz undertones got me wondering where I had heard a similar sound. I did not have to scour my memory long before it hit me. What I was picking up on was traces of Adele, and after doing more research on the artist I found that Adele is in fact a heavy influence on her. While the artist beautifully samples styles from a range of music icons she still manages to give a unique feel to her work.

This week upon receiving another submission from Cloi on our Instagram we featured her cover of “Video Games” by Lana. This time she took to the piano and was joined by Instagram pop personality Morgan Justus. While the harmony was slightly spotty at times it allowed for both of their distinct voices to shine through. Additionally, Cloi showed us her multi-talented competence by perfectly following the melody of the song on piano. Keep your eyes on this artist and shout out to the entire OC Hit Factory team!